only flaw in this episode is the fact that Julius does not have a charming Russian tailor with whom he has weekly lunches but all the while suspects is a communist spy.

That is true. Where was Garak?!

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How Strong? How Weak?


Minimalism is like coffee. You can make it any way you want.

You can make it strong, and remove everything in your life except for only the essential. You can pare down to a few boxes or remove your bed or get rid of everything entirely. You can clear your mind of all thoughts unrelated to your focus.

You can make it weak, and remove only a little bit, just tweaking your life into different shapes and positive arrangements. You can consider a few items, move slowly, and try to find some peace in your mind. Tiny changes for a theoretically huge benefit.

Both of these approaches are valid. Just like there is middle ground, there is the highest and lowest setting. They are equal and perfectly acceptable. They all coexist.

At the core, minimalism is about less. How much less is up to

"Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies."

- The 76th Rule of Acquisition, as stated by Quark in The Homecoming (via timelordtechnology)





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